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Kebab within the contains the most popular web technologies & developer tools

· Features ·

Kebab Revolution v.2.0.x (Kebab Revolution)
(Still in development & planned)

        Multi-tenant support
        Authentication - Login, logout, forget password, register
        Authorization - User & role & privileges management
        Ext JS MVC javascript application management
        RESTful Ruby on Rails service management
        TDD and BDD development for client & server-side
        Sass and Compass css styling
        i18n support

Kebab Reloaded v.1.5.x (Kebab Reloaded)

        User authentication, sign-up & profile services
        User & role management
        Story, permission & service management
        Kebab application (Ext JS MVC structure) assets management
        Application departments
        Simple feedback service & feedback management
        RESTfull standards
        Ajax based
        Modular structure & H-MVC